CEO Message


Al Rashed Building Materials is one of Rashid Abdul Rahman Al Rashid and Sons Group of companies, which has been committed for over seventy years to contributing to the building & construction development and evolution that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing.

Al Rashed Building Materials spares no effort in providing the highest specifications for building materials at competitive prices and exceptional services for its customers. We consider investing in manpower from all majors related to the building materials field and orienting those individuals to be able and capable to fit the position. It invests in building the human resources to serve the customers, whom we consider partners of our success and a contribution to the current construction growth in the kingdom.

Al Rashed Building Materials ensures accessibility to its customers by providing up-to-date software that offers a unique e-service experience that includes purchase, delivery, refund, and several other services through comprehensive, integrated, user-friendly, and easy to use software.

This commitment is a continuous journey toward achieving these noble objectives.



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